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Soo much fun ! 43 never felt and looked so good. Jessica makes you feel comfortable and Jamie-lyn  does fabulous hair and makeup ! Go book, ladies!



Omg! Who is that in those pics?! I can’t thank you enough for making me feel comfortable! I had a blast! EVERY woman should do what I did because it goes to show that anyone can have that aha moment and allow themselves to shine at least once. I wouldn’t have believed it myself. Jessica is super talented, but for me, I didn’t think I could get even close to relaxing enough to not look like a cat caught in a thunderstorm, but I did! And I’m so appreciative!



I just wanted to take a moment and BRAG about how absolutely amazing Jessica & her work is! I’ve never felt so beautiful and sexy in an experience like that. Jessica was professional, yet funny, helped you pose, made you laugh, and showed you sneak peaks during the shoot so you understood how to pose your body and point out what you loved the most! Best hype girl EVER! I can’t express enough how talented she is. I hope you all get the chance to book a photo shoot with her for YOURSELF, for someone you love, or a group because you WILL NOT regret it! Thank you again Jessica for being the best!"

not your average nudes

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